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The garden blog

Ann garden July 12I'd like to say it's because the sun has arrived (with a vengeance) this week that everything in the garden has moved into hyper-drive growth-wise, but really it started last week when we were still having mostly gray days. The garden must've been able to feel the warmth of the sun behind those clouds because, after taking a little time to just hang out, the melons have begun to make their move in a way that rivals the tomato plant I put in just a month ago that's already outgrowing its cage. In this photo you can see both the tomato plant (on the left) and the Hokkaido watermelon. It was taken July 12, so just one week after the photo in the previous blog and the Hokkaido has meandered a good 10 inches. And, as I said, the sun has arrived (with a vengeance) and that should move it into, well, whatever's faster than hyper-drive. 

To give you an idea of where everything stands: The Hokkaido is in the southwest corner of my community garden plot. The French cantaloupe (aka the Chanterais) is in the southeast corner of the plot and the Italian melon (aka the Marina di Chioggia) is about six feet to the west pretty much in the center of the bed on the south side. The last two melons to be planted -- the Algiers (Melon d'Alger) and the African (which is where it is thought the White Wonder Watermelon originated) -- are pretty close to the north east and north west corners, respectively. So, yes, although they're all starting out in their separate corners, we have the potential for a veritable United Nations out there. Any bets on how long it will take before at least one of them finds another to mingle with?

Lastly, and just because, well, I have to and because it fits with the theme of little guys starting their growth sputs: here is a photo of my dad's new English Bulldog puppy, Buster.  Adorable, right? Feel free to oooo and awww at your leisure. That's all.

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