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With the higher temperatures and longer days, make sure your garden is throughly hydrated. It's best to water in the morning when it's cooler and to do a deep watering a couple times a week vs. a little sprinkle every day.

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Linda Hayes Print E-mail
Linda HayesAt 8,500 feet, the back”yard” of Linda’s mountaintop house near Aspen, Colorado, is tended largely by Mother Nature. Come springtime, a wildflower garden of lupine, paintbrush, columbine, sunflowers, prairie phlox and other beauties bursts with color against a palette of sagebrush and scrub oak.

With a 500-foot well the primary source of irrigation and a non-stop travel schedule, Linda’s home gardening projects tend toward flowerpots planted with whatever local wildlife -- deer, bunnies and, especially, chipmunks –- don’t snack on. (Geraniums, anyone?) Mint sprouting around an outdoor pump provides much pleasure, especially at cocktail time.

Beyond that, Linda turns to a crop of close friends who tend a fine collection of vegetable gardens, planters and greenhouses, most of which have the advantage of river-, or creek-side, settings and all of which outgrow their owners’ abilities to consume. Recipes are shared and dinners are plentiful.

Linda is food editor for Stratos (a luxury lifestyle magazine for private jets), travel editor for Mountain Living and contributes to SKI, LUXE, ASPEN Magazine and others. She lives with her husband, Kelly J. Hayes ("spotter" for NBC's Sunday Night Football and writer of WineInk), a big black Lab named Vino and a sourdough starter named Rosemary.
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