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With the higher temperatures and longer days, make sure your garden is throughly hydrated. It's best to water in the morning when it's cooler and to do a deep watering a couple times a week vs. a little sprinkle every day.

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Trisha Cole Print E-mail
For Trisha it has been a long time since she's been in gardening mode. Her family moved to the country, or what felt like the country when she was seven. Fallbrook, once known as the avocado capital, seemed like a promising place to live off the land, which it was where the avocados were concerned but backyard gardening never really took. There were a couple post-college summers of tomato plants and basil in random apartments but nothing significant to report on the gardening front, until now (hopefully). Trisha's career evolved from schoolteacher, to editor at Bon Appetit magazine, to almost a decade now as a publicist for great restaurants and hotels. At some point during her days in the classroom she woke up and realized she had a passion for food and wine and travel that she needed to indulge and has been doing so ever since. Trisha is about to embark on a new gardening project and hoping to involve her daughter and soon-to-be-born new babe in the endeavor. Seems like a better way to spend time than figuring out what to do with plastic toys and luckily 2 1/2 year old Faye seems to agree. A homeowner with dirt begging to be played in and challenges actually making it to the Farmer's Market on weekends, Trisha is ready to seize the day and feed her family at the same time.
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