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With the higher temperatures and longer days, make sure your garden is throughly hydrated. It's best to water in the morning when it's cooler and to do a deep watering a couple times a week vs. a little sprinkle every day.

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Janine Warner, The Accidental Gardener
Janine Warner
One of the reasons I enjoy gardening is that it gets me away from my computer. I'm a web designer and author (and yes, I designed this site).

Who knew when we bought our house and took on 'a fixer' that we'd also end up with a never-ending supply of work in the orchard and a garden full of roses and other flowers.

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, most people are surprised to step out the back door of our Spanish-style house (built in 1926) and find mature fruit trees and as many as 50 birds feeding and flitting about. We have lots of finches, sparrows, doves, and humminbirds -- we even have a hawk who drops in once in a while...

I spend most of my time in my home office. When we renovated, I added French doors that open into the garden and as I write this I'm sitting at my desk enjoying a fresh breeze off the garden and a view of the flowers, trees, and birds.

"Renovating" our garden has been far more work than I ever imagined, but it's also proving great fun and a wonderful excuse to experiment in the kitchen with what we grow. We squeeze our own orange juice, pick a lemon anytime we want to freshen a drink, and make guacamole from our own avocados (the avocado tree is more than 20 feet tall!)

I've also planted tomatoes, basil and other herbs. I prefer things that are relatively low maintenance and hardy. I've made many mistakes in the few years we've lived here and I helped create this Gardens to Tables web site to share some of the lessons I've learned the hard way, as well as ask my growing list of questions from gardeners with lots more experience.

I'm making progress on this little plot of land in the middle of the city, getting more and more things to grow, and thinking what to plant next...

To learn more about me, visit:

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