The Story Behind "Iowa Farms, California Tables." Print
Written by Lori C. Aronsohn   

Iowa Farms California TablesAlthough I say that the reason I wrote the eCookbook "Iowa Farms, California Tables" was to give me an excuse to purchase an iPad, that is only partially true. 

A transplanted Californian, I frequently take trips down memory lane to my innocent childhood in small-town Iowa. If you’ve been to the Midwest, you know that farm-to-table fare isn’t a recent concept.  This is Heartland America where farm-to-table is, and always has been the rule, the expectation, at the dinner table. Our mother and our Aunt Betty worked at the local Morrell meat packing plant.  Our father drove a truck for Wonder Bread. Our milk was delivered to us from the local Wapello Dairy.   Growing up in Iowa in the 1960s meant sprawling out in the back of a station wagon and watching acres and acres of corn and alfalfa fields whoosh by as Papa and Mother took us to see relatives, sometimes stopping at roadside stands to sample tomatoes that actually tasted like tomatoes or peaches that were so juicy the flesh practically fell off the pit before it made it to our lips. 

In 1968 our parents packed up our things, told us to wave goodbye to our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and threw us in the car. Destination: Sunny California. It was on this journey that our taste buds were invited to expand beyond American farm fare. As soon as we had crossed from Arizona into California we experienced our first ‘Mexican’ food. The tacos tasted pretty good. We were already fans of ground beef, and the crunchy corn shell wrapped around it and the cheese and ‘salsa’ was a delicious and messy discovery. It was a nice change from the hard-boiled eggs and sandwiches we’d been snacking on from the cooler tucked into the backseat floor on our three-day American road trip.

My sisters and I all grew to be great cooks and entertainers, with uniquely different emphases. One constant is our basis in Midwestern cuisine, with a Southern Californian sensibility, and the fact that we are often asked for recipes for the dishes we serve. Then there are my children. Both of my sons wanted me to set down the recipes to their favorite dishes before I got too old to remember them. 

I did this and more. The digital book platform is perfect for displaying the mouth-watering photographs that I took along the way as I wrote the book.

You can learn more about Iowa Farms, California Tables on my website and there you’ll find links to purchase the book for your iPad, iPhone, Nook, Nook App, Kindle and Sony Reader.  Or, just search the name at your eReader’s book store.