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Camper's Cocktails from Montanya Distillers Print E-mail
Written by Linda Hayes   

Montanya DistillersWhen a sudden downpour cut our search for a Mineral Creek-side campsite short last weekend, there was only one thing to do -- hightail it into nearby Silverton for a cocktail at Montanya Distillers.

Set in a century-old stone building (pictured left and typical of the historic Colorado silver-mining town) with a funky little tasting room and bar, the distillery is home to award-winning Montanya Oro and Platino rum. Owners Karen and Brice Hoskin make it in-house with pure Hawaiian cane sugar and snowmelt out of Boulder Creek, in a 400-litre alembic copper still imported from Portugal.

That day, a bartender named Matt was busy mixing garden-fresh cocktails for a hearty, if slightly damp, crowd. Two, the Thai Boxer made with fresh blueberries and the Joker with fresh peaches from Palisades (home of the Colorado Peach Festival this month), were must-haves. A couple-three later, the sun came out. We were happy campers, indeed.

Try the recipes below and sip for yourself. (Click read more for recipes.)

Montanya Distillers cocktailsThai Boxer

(Note: recipe is from Montanya Distillers)

In a tall glass filled with ice, muddle roughly 3 to 4 basil leaves and 5 to 6 blueberries
Add two drops of Angostura Bitters
Add 1?2 Squeezed Lime
Add 2 ounces Montanya Platino Rum
Add Ginger Ale
Top with Soda Water

Combination on Ginger Ale and Soda Water can be altered for different levels of sweetness. If the blueberries are sour use all ginger ale.

The Joker

(Note: This isn't the official Montanya recipe. It's my version based on the listed ingredients and my eye-ing
of Matt as he made it.)

In a tall glass filled with ice, muddle a couple T-spoons of chopped peaches with cilantro sprigs to taste (mint works, too) and a pinch of chipotle or other hot pepper. Add 2 ounces of Montanya Oro rum and a squeeze of lime. Sweeten with simple syrup to taste. Top with soda water and a couple pieces of peach. Mix.

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