Kai Market's Kabocha and Fuji Apple Salad Print
Written by Ann Shepphird   

Chef Darren Demaya of Kai MarketWith a goal of sourcing at least 60 percent of its produce from certified local farms (which it helped certify through its support of Hawaii Farm Bill 1471), the Sheraton Waikiki takes its farm-to-table seriously. Nowhere is that more apparent than in its Kai Market restaurant. Instead of a traditional buffet, Executive Chef Darren Demaya (pictured right) uses recipes gathered from local families and creates dishes using as much local, seasonal produce (including herbs growing out of the wall) as possible. Here's one of his recent recipes, featuring in-season kabocha and Fuji apples.

1 5 lb kabocha cut in 1" cubes, cleaned and steamed
3 fuji apples cut in 1" cubes
1 lb tear-drop tomatoes cut in halves
˝ lb dried cranberries or raisins
2 cup macadamia nuts rough cut
2 tblspoons madras curry
2 pc lemongrass smahed
˝ cup salad oil

Place all ingredients in mixing bowl except the curry. Take a small sauté pan add ˝ cup salad oil and 2 stalks smashed lemongrass and slightly heat up oil. When oil is hot add curry powder and take off the heat mixing the curry into the oil. Use the curry-infused oil to season kabocha salad finish with salt and pepper to taste.