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Welcome to Gardens to Tables Travel Articles Red (as in Wine) for Valentine's Day
Red (as in Wine) for Valentine's Day Print E-mail
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Written by Ann Shepphird   

Phillips Hill 2008 Oppenlander LabelWhile champagne is nice for celebrations,in my mind nothingsays love like a good red wine - especially a good pinot noir. For Valentine's Day this year,Jeff and Iwill be enjoyingthe Oppenlander Vineyard Pinot Noir from my friend Toby Hill'sPhillips Hill Winery, which makes limited edition pinot noirs from the Anderson Valley and Comptcheupin Mendocino. Artwork on the label for the Oppenlander (pictured right) isalso Toby's. For those looking for an excuse to make the trek to Mendocino, this summer Phillips Hillwill be holding a farm-to-table winemakers dinner, held in a field atop Mendocino Ridge overlooking the Anderson Valley. All the food will be sourced from local farms and ranches and prepared by a guest celebrity chef to match the wines.Phillips Hill limited edition wine club members will be the first ones notified of the final details for thedinner. For more information, call 707-877-1151 or

And with that, I bid you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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